God’s Word from My Heart to my Lips

God’s Word from My Heart to my Lips

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    This book is a collection of homilies on the Churches’ Sundays and Solemnities liturgical readings, year B. In order not to make this just “a mere weekly homily,” but a full book for all time, the thematical approach has been employed for each homily. However, these themes are not exhaustive. Instead, they are meant to help us have an idea of what could be the central message of each celebration.

    Brief stories and other biblical passages, quotes, popular sayings, and even personal life experiences were employed to make the message clearer and comprehensible. Above all, I have tried to keep it short and simple. However, great care has been taken in doing this by keeping in mind the rules of sound biblical interpretation, without downplaying the meaning and message of the individual readings. Hence, this book follows both the catechetical and exegetical approach.

    ISBN: 9781625374080
    Autor: P. Canice C. Njoku
    Año: 2021
    Edición: Primera edición
    Páginas: 240
    Tamaño: 6 X 9
    Formato: Libro Impreso
    Encuadernación: Rústica
    Condición: Nuevo
    Idioma: Inglés
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