The Cleansing of Unwanted Puerto Ricans

The Cleansing of Unwanted Puerto Ricans

Publicaciones Gaviota

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"It was a dark night in Puerto Rico... no moon no stars in the sky... only darkness and somber clouds everywhere. I finished cleaning my Erma SR 100 and I looked at it.

We had completed the first half of our mission. But now, we were going to complete the second part... This one was going to be even more challenging but society was backing me up... and they were counting on me... and

I should not disappoint them...

Puerto Ricans needed to start over... start from scratch... start a new way of living, a new way of thinking. of behaving, of learning, of talking, of obeying. of following rules, of waiting for their turns... Puerto Rico needed to become a civilized society once again. ."

When there was no more hope. when desperation was the only thing left, she decided to teach Puerto Ricans a lesson.

... And she found the Erma SR 100... and then, the full cleansing of unwanted Puerto Ricans began...

Are you one of them?

ISBN: 188174020X
Autor: Aníbal Muñoz Claudio
Editorial: Publicaciones Gaviota
Año: 2002
Páginas: 133
Tamaño: 5.25 X 8.25
Formato: Libro impreso
Encuadernación: Rústica
Condición: Nuevo
Idioma: Inglés

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